Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Review--Transcendental India

Kala Ramnath and Rupak Kulkarni
The Divine Wheel
Sense World Music

Indian classical violinist Kala Ramnath is no stranger to my ears. I have heard several of her delightful recordings and I am especially fond of her jugalbandi recordings. On one of her latest recordings, The Divine Wheel, she teams up with bansuri flute player Rupak Kulkarni.

Recorded live at the Saptak Festival in India, the musicians perform Raag Jog and Raag Des. Most of the tracks are short enough for radio play with the exception of the longest track, Vilambit Gat in Ektaal which runs 23 minutes. Kulkarni's bansuri flute compliments Ramnath's violin and these two players take their listeners to transcendental heights. The live recording adds to the excitement. Listeners of this disc might wish they enjoyed front row seats at that festival performance.

I have tried to listen to this CD at bedtime, but find it too active. It is definitely a daytime listening experience for me and one that captures my undivided attention. For those listeners who enjoy both bansuri and violin, this CD offers a rare and wonderful treat. Indulge!


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