Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Review--Rare Tappa Music from India

Tappa Journey
Sense World Music

I just received a large package of CDs from the U.K. based label, Sense World Music. So over the next two months, I will be reviewing these recordings on this blog. Many of the performers are women, which lifts my heart. I will be reviewing women who play tabla, sitar, violin and sing. And I am sure this will be a delightful journey for all of us. Of course, I will be reviewing extraordinary men musicians too.

I started the journey with a new artist to my ears, Sasha, a proponent of Tappa. According to the CD Tappa Journey liner notes, Tappa is rarely heard in the West and hails from the Silk Road. It possesses a legacy of camel drivers and Punjabi influences. Passionate almost blazing vocals find themselves embellished by Derek Robert's guitar, an Indian string orchestra and traditional Indian percussion. I would even go as far to say that this music, although rarely heard in the West until now, compares to Bollywood music in that it is readily accessible to our ears.

Sasha dazzles and delights. According to the liner notes, "she also has a clear and reedy timbre perfect for the music." Her journey with the Sense World Music label and production team began in 2005 and no doubt this journey will continue for many albums to come. She has joined a superb roster of Indian classical vocalists already on the label. Similar to Ghazal and Khayal singers she too sings about love, romance and longing.

This album tends to energize the body and spirit. I recommend it for middle of the day or maybe even to jump start a day. It would fit in well with recordings of Ghazals, Punjabi gypsy, and even some Bollywood recordings. Certainly this exciting CD is going to turn some heads and probably reap a lot of critical praise on the former Silk Route and beyond.

Sense World Music

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