Monday, June 2, 2008

In Review--Summer Reading

The Healing Energies of Music (1995 edition)
by Hal A. Lingerman
Quest Books

I recently found The Healing Energies of Music by music therapist Hal A. Lingerman at the library. This book delves into the spiritual and more intuitive aspects of healing with music. While Lingerman does quote some scientific studies in regard to healing with music, and also cites projects with Medical Doctor Bernie S. Siegel, this book focuses on the metaphysical end of music for the most part. And the fact that some of this material was written as early as 1983 is prophetic and currently manifesting.

The author writes in a flowing style and offers stories of people transformed and healed by music, mostly classical music, but world, some new age, and Native American music are also brought into the mix. The book also includes a chapter on women composers and their contribution to music throughout history. Mostly the book provides lists of compositions and the best recordings to hear those famous compositions. And we are also given short glimpses into various composers' lives.

I enjoyed reading this book and even took some of Lingerman's advise and listened to recommended recordings with good results. And oddly enough he found Maurice Ravel's Bolero possibly dangerous because of the total orchestral breakdown at the end of the piece. And the author cited other pieces of Ravel's as healthy. To be honest, I have never been fond of Bolero myself--puts my teeth on edge, even with the repetition of that beautiful passage.

I do not have a web site for this book, try your local bookstore.

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