Sunday, May 25, 2008

In Review---The Norwegian Musical Cure

Various Artists
Sanger Om Sarbarhet
(Songs of vulnerability)
Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Music once again lends itself to healing emotional, physical and spiritual issues. Twelve Norwegian artists contribute their healing songs to the compilation album Songs of vulnerability which celebrates the 150th anniversary of the baths at Modum--a residential psychotherapy, education and research center in Norway.

"While Modum Bad specializes in helping people with psychological problems, it is also a cultural institution with a 40 year history of arranging public concerts where these two aspects of their activities are combined."

The Grand Hall and Olav's Church have served as concert venues and some of the performers that have performed in those venues include many KKV artists such as: Ketil Bjornstad, Randi Stene, Aage Kvalbein, Sondre Bratland, Tone Hulbaekmo, Elias Akselsen and Lars Bremnes… Those same artists reappear on this live recording.

Highlights include Lars Bremnes The Same Bed, Elias Akselsen's tearful, What Did You Do With Your Life, Tommy? and Anders Clemens Oien with Solve Sigerland Café, 2nd movement of The History of Tango by Astor Piazzolla. However, the entire collection is filled with sparkling gems.

According to the press notes, "Art, culture and aesthetics can be important therapeutic and nourishing factors for people suffering from mental disorders and for all people. The concerts have thus become part of a holistic philosophy behind the help offered patients at Modum Bad. As these are open concerts, they help to break down the barriers between society and the institution that treats people suffering from mental disorders."

Once again, KKV is at the helm of spreading compassion through music in the world.

Kirkelig Kulturverksted

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