Saturday, May 3, 2008

In review--Mas Bachata!

Bachata Roja (Various)
Acoustic Bachata From the Cabaret Era

Iaso Records

Bachata Roja brings us classic acoustic bachata from the early 60s to the late 80s. This rustic music that hails from the Dominican Republic countryside (later immigrated to the cities), draws comparisons with the Cuban son. Similar to other Latin music traditions, rhythm performed on percussion, or the strums and rapid guitar riffs, keeps this music alive and snappy.

Bachata Roja, a collection of some of bachata's stellar vocalists, composers and guitarists, provides us with historical and cultural notes from a politically challenging time for the Dominicans. But you would never guess in listening to these driving rhythms, sprite vocals, and double entendres. Despite some of the lyrics which reflect on some of the less acceptable societal behaviors, I find this music sunny and invigorating. And I am not the only one who finds this music invigorating since this CD has reaped its share of critical kudos.

A must for fans of acoustic Latin music. And you can find this CD and other bachata recordings at Iaso Records

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