Saturday, April 26, 2008

In Review---Bright Lights from the Southwest

Jay & Tinesha Begaye
Night of Northern Lights

Canyon Records

Navajo veteran singer Jay Begaye and his 19-year old daughter Tinesha (Navajo-Cree), celebrate the Northern Lights with an electrical collection of round dance songs. Lakota flutist Anthony Wakeman also contributes his talent to Nights of the Northern Lights.

While Jay offers impressive vocal, songwriting and drumming talents to this disc, Tinesha shines here with her powerful vocals and round dance song writing skills. She brings feelings of joy and brightness reflective of her youth. And some of you might recall Tinesha's debut CD, Rhythms of Love which was recorded 3 years ago and reflected on her teen years.

Jay and Tinesha's story that appears in the liner notes adds warmth to this recording. The actual tracks reflect on both the spirit and secular worlds embellished by hearty vocals and the beat of the round dance drum. Anthony Wakeman contributes flute to Tinesha's Little Brother (dedicated to her 21 month year old brother), and Words of Honor.

While Jay will keep the tradition alive through his talents as a song writer and musician, Tinesha will take the torch forward, hopefully inspiring more First Nation youth to perform First Nation traditional and original music. Not all of the Northern Lights are shining in the sky--some of them shine here on Mother Earth.

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