Monday, November 12, 2007

In Review--Will Clipman Pathfinder

Will Clipman

Canyon Records

If you have listened to R. Carlos Nakai or any number of Canyon Records artists, you have heard Will Clipman's work on percussion and drums. On Pathfinder, the master percussionist Clipman performs on all of the global percussive instruments himself. The pieces feature polyphonic drums and global percussive melodies--that's right, Clipman plays melodic percussion. The music ranges from whimsical to dance-inducing-hip-swaying and many moods in between.

The rhythmic music lifts our spirits and begs us to dance along with it. Sometimes we find ourselves on the African continent, or we find ourselves snaking our way across an American Southwest desert. The drumming comes from ancestors and it hails from the spirit of the present. Clipman who calls himself, Saamokee (a marriage between Saami and Cherokee), finds his shamanic roots while igniting his passion for drumming on Pathfinder.

With such titles as, Bodhisattva, Thirteenth Moon and Desert Rain, you can expect to go on a delightful healing journey. It is hard for me to describe a percussion recording since I am not a percussionist, so pick up this recording, and take a heady journey along with Clipman. This album will delight drummers and non-drummers alike.

Will Clipman

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