Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In Review--Shweta Jhaveri's Huge

Shweta Jhaveri
21stCentury Cosmos

The first CD I received of Khayal vocalist Shweta Jhaveri's was anahita, (Intuition Music & Media), several years ago. This recording introduced me to Jhaveri's contemporary Khayals embellished by violin, bass, guitars, dobro, drums, and percussion. Jhaveri formed her own label, 21stCentury Cosmos which she released to traditional recordings, Avishkar and Khayal-Saga. Her newest recording, Huge marries English lyrics to Indian classical vocal techniques, (alaap or improvisation). The end result suggests ethereal pop with an exotic locale. Drums, percussion, electric bass, acoustic bass, and keyboards (New Age Morning), lightly support Shweta's warm vocals. The music feels accessible without the cloying new age tendencies.

The 7 compositions feature uplifting spiritual lyrics. I am assuming that some of the songs were composed late winter or early spring since the lyrics reflect on sun and new beginnings, but that could just be my own interpretation. Yet, this hopeful collection of songs do embrace creation, hope, renewal, and love, sung in a soothing, contemplative voice. In fact, I have listened to this recording several times in the last couple of days because it does relieve stress and anxiety. Plus it's a real pleasure to listen to Jhaveri's vocal phrases and timbre.

Jhaveri is an independent artist and gifted vocalist worth getting to know. For more information about Huge and other recordings, go to: shwetajhaveri.com

Kudos on her website too.

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