Saturday, March 10, 2007

Healing Tones of Sacred Celtic Music

Celtic Twilight 7: Sacred Spirit
Hearts of Space Records
As we emerge from our cocoons and leave our winter reflections behind, we might find that our nerves are frazzled from the stress caused by the flu & cold season or unusual weather caused by global warming. Spring promises renewal as leaves sprout on the branches of trees and daffodils act as grails that capture drops of seasonal rain (depending on where you are upon the earth). At least it is late winter/early spring in this neck of the woods.

Many people use this time of year to cleanse their bodies, minds and spirits. They might seek new experiences, leave old careers behind, might relocate to another place on the planet or pursue a dormant dream with the attitude of better late than never. At least in the northern hemisphere, spring and its various spiritual and religious celebrations, promises resurrection, rebirth and a chance to begin again. And what better way to celebrate your rebirth than with sacred music.

Let's start with the Hearts of Space Records compilation, Celtic Twilight 7: Sacred Spirit which features ethereal and ceiling shattering vocals by Celtic artists: Anuna, Stella Mara, Aine Minogue and Cathie Ryan as well as, other talented performers. The soothing tones that soar from this recording have been a God-send in my life, especially during times of duress. I find the gorgeous recording to be the perfect cure for insomnia and I mean that as a compliment.

As mentioned in the title the sacred songs lend themselves well to yoga, meditation and pleasurable listening. Everything from virtuoso Appalachian fiddle, a perfectly-tuned English choir and a medieval/Eastern fusion appear on this compilation, just waiting to satisfy your heart.

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