Soul Food for the Mind Body Spirit

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"Patricia Herlevi takes us on a vast personal journey through a world of music and meaning. I am honored to be included in it and I hope everyone interested in the world's amazing diversity of music will read this book."

--David Rothenberg, musician and author of BUG MUSIC, WHY BIRDS SING, THOUSAND MILE SONG, and THE BOOK OF MUSIC AND NATURE

One woman's journey around the world via music and a pair of headphones.

How is music connected to water? What music do animals enjoy listening to? What kind of musical ritual can help heal female diseases? How does one create a power song kit? What defines a healthy musical appetite, and how is it related to healthy eating? Join author, musician, instructor, music researcher Patricia Herlevi in her lifelong passion for and study of music, as she delves in on a quest to heal herself and help heal the planet with research and interviews conducted with musicians worldwide.

Whole Music (Soul Food for the Mind-Body-Spirit) forges new territory by combining the tenets of ethnomusicology with sound healing/music therapy concepts.  By broadening the definition of healing to include cultural exchange, purposeful applications, community building, culture  preservation, and sound healing/music therapy, we ask the question, “What do Ali Farka Toure and Ludwig Van Beethoven have in common?”

Whole Music transports the reader around the globe with its beauty and intelligent, descriptive, in-depth analysis of the world’s music.  Travelers, musicians, music aficionados and students will all benefit from the journey and the exercises within.  If you wish to be delightfully enlightened at what's out there and available for your listening ears, delve in to these pages that feature interviews with R. Carlos Nakai, David Rothenberg, Jonathan Goldman, Marta Topferova, Samite, Värttinä, Mary Youngblood, Ruth Cunningham (Anonymous 4), Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, and an array of recognizable musicians and musical healers.

Whether you are considering taking a music trek around the world similar to Alan Lomax or wishing to tune your body to conscious musical sounds, Whole Music takes you there.  Together we experience Global Music Consciousness. 

Whole Music is represented by Literary Agent Lisa Hagan

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