21st Century Musical Healer Series--Heather Hannan

 Healing with Sound and Reiki

Based in Toronto, Canada, Heather Hannan has proven with her own life healing experiences the enormous power of sound frequencies. She acts as a bridge between the mundane world (real estate) to other spiritual dimensions (past life regressions, quantum physics, Reiki, sound frequencies,  and other cutting edge work).

I met Heather through my Linked In group Musical Healers and I'm delighted to include her work and insights on this blog. As you know, raising music and sound consciousness takes a world-size village of folks, just like Heather dedicating their lives to working with the healing power of sound. 

Whole Music: When did you discover and begin exploring sound healing?

Heather Hannan: Ten years ago I was at a crossroads in my life and looking for a group of like-minded people with whom to explore my gifts and talents through meditation. Little did I know that via the meditation group I joined I would be invited to participate in an Ascension Masters Program. In this training program I met Catherine Varga and as part of this very intense program we became Reiki Masters and sound healers. Catherine and I went on to create Sound Reiki®, a cutting edge energy technique that uses vocally created electro tonal frequencies to move energy and align it to its original source of 100% light.

With this modality you are able to clearly identify blocks, where and when they anchored in one’s being, and where they originated. The more we worked with this technique the more ways we found to use it. I also use it to identify energies affecting homes and properties. I believe that sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy and because it moves through all space and time I can work with clients around the world and over Skype or phone. Many of my clients are business owners and real estate agents and I regularly align and balance the energy of businesses, homes, and properties and cross over spirits that have become anchored on earth. I use vocally created sound or tones, in all my healing work. The tones release blocks and old patterns that no longer serve us and repattern mind, body and spirit at a cellular level. Catherine and I have been called the Singing Healers!

WME: Were you a trained musician prior to exploring the sound healing that you incorporate in your healing work? (I had listened to your sample session and you have a powerful voice).

HH: Not only was I untrained in anything musical, yikes, I wouldn’t even sing in the shower my voice was so “bad”! I happily and comfortably did Reiki and had much success with this, but using my voice, especially in front of others, was a big step out of my comfort zone. Ultimately it became undeniable that the results I got using my voice were not only much more effective but healing happened multi-dimensionally and rapidly. I was able to repair and align a client’s chakras in 3 minutes with my voice whereas with traditional, hands on Reiki, if it even happened, it could take 60 minutes.

The beautiful thing about Sound Reiki® is that this is not a modality just for musicians. Everyone can learn it and everyone can do it. In doing so, they will learn to embrace their own unique voice and their own power to move energy with sound and intention, healing both themselves and others. The sample you listened to was Catherine Varga and here is the link. (See video below the article to sample Heather's voice). You can hear a distinct difference in our voices and tones. Everybody, with intention, can use their voice for healing, regardless of how they think it sounds.

WME: What are the most common emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks clients bring to sessions? I imagine that the block incorporates all three areas (emotional/mental/spiritual).

HH: The most common blocks that clients bring to sessions are unhealthy energy connections (we call them energy cords in Sound Reiki®) to other people and blocks such as fears or limiting beliefs that became anchored in early childhood or inner children. We have created a technique to identify inner child blocks, the age when they anchored and how this affects the client right now. With this information and the client’s new understanding of the experience we can heal and align the inner child back to the adult self in balance and harmony with unique, channeled tones.

Blocks can affect us on one or more of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When these blocks are released and the client is aligned to a vibration of 100% light and love they often feel a great weight lifted and replaced with peace. They feel calm and relaxed and clear about their next steps.

WME: I noticed that you offer clients past life regression sessions. Do you incorporate sound with these sessions? Please briefly describe the process?

HH: I am able to identify past life blocks that are affecting one in this lifetime. Instead of doing an actual past life regression with the client, I will do a meditation before a client session. In this meditation I will determine the work to be done in the session. If this involves a past life, I will intuitively see the life, when and where it took place and the role that person was playing in that life. I will see the circumstances and what the effect is at the present time. Often with past lives it is a karmic pattern that needs to be transmuted.

I use vocally created tones with all sessions. In session I will discuss what has been revealed with the client so that they understand what happened and how this is affecting them now. This is necessary so that they can either forgive the person who created the karmic pattern or forgive themselves for creating the karma. With intention and using the quantum physics of sound and electro tonal frequencies, I will then isolate the past life karmic pattern and transmute it, multi-dimensionally, so that it is healed on all levels of a person’s being. The effect of this work is transformational, affecting body, mind and spirit.

WME: What is the biggest transformation that has occurred in your life since working with sound healing or sound frequencies intentionally?

HH: My biggest and most personal transformation happened in 2012 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I used and received Sound Reiki® healing from day one and during the course of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, and continued to take clients and teach throughout. Sound Reiki® allowed me to delve deeply into the source of the cancer in my system and I experienced profound healing. My doctors were very impressed with my energy levels and my recovery was swift and relatively pain free. I remember one day when my blood levels were too low to do another chemo treatment. There is nothing you can eat, drink or take except a prescription drug to raise blood count. Not only did it take several days to kick in, it cost over $5000 per treatment. I went home and did a Sound Reiki® session on myself, identifying the root source of the low blood levels (which ended up being in my belief system) and repatterning the blood cells to a healthy template with electro tonal frequencies. The nurses did not believe that my blood count increased without the use of drugs.

The whole experience enables me to assist others on their journey through cancer treatment. It can be an uncomfortable and frightening time but the higher one’s vibration; the easier it is to handle each step as it presents itself and ultimately, heal. In fact, this is true of life; as we reach and maintain a vibration of 100% light we begin to attract people and situations that resonate to this vibration, we are healthier and happier and our ability to heal ourselves increases. From this place we see in a way that allows us to make life choices and decisions with clarity and for our highest good. Thank you, Patricia, for allowing me to share my story and my belief that sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy.


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