Friday, December 21, 2012

Music Video Round-Up for 3rd wk of Dec 2012: Solstice Songs

In honor of the Winter Solstice which happens today at noon Pacific Standard Times (or around noon), I'm posting Solstice Songs from around the world.  I thought of including Mayan songs, but I just ran into doom and gloom Mayan Prophecy videos on YouTube.  I believe that today marks a new beginning that will usher in a time of cooperation and peace for all earth creatures.

1. From Bela Russia, here is an ensemble performing "Kaza," a Winter Solstice song.

2. A Celtic Solstice Song with "Greensleeves" attached to it

3. Lisa Lynne, "Aurora Borealis"

4. Kitka performing a winter song from Eastern Europe

5. Gjallarhorn, "Bonfire Song"

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