Friday, December 14, 2012

Music Video Round-Up for 2nd wk of Dec--Chillin' with Northerners

photo by Patricia Herlevi, winter chill
It's now been almost a decade since I discovered Scandinavian or Nordic traditional music.  It started with a Rough Guide to Scandinavian Music in 2003, that lead to the Nordic music label NorthSide based in Minneapolis.  I think you will enjoy this selection of handpicked videos by some of the finest players in Northern Europe.

Let's start with a group of Finnish and Norwegian youngsters known as Frigg.  No one is going to freeze with these fiddlers in town.

1. Frigg, Norrsken,

2. Triakel (Sweden), Old Sara,

3. Vasen (Sweden), Josefin's Waltz,

4. Annbjorg Lien (Norway), Galadriel,

5. Las Chicas del Tango (Finland), Viejo Amor,

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