Friday, November 23, 2012

Music Video Round Up for 3rd wk of November--Brazil!


Since I'm currently in a Brazilian mood, here are five Brazilian musicians with diverse styles.  I don't know if you'll start thinking carnival thoughts or just feel like chilling.  Your choice.

Let's start with Badi Assad, a classical guitarist-turn-pop-diva who has her own way around this thing we call music.

1. Badi Assad,

Next let's listen to the sensual bossa nova strains of Celso Fonseca

2. Celso Fonseca,

Virginia Rodrigues has a voice that recalls opera as she sings Afro-Sambas once sung by another favorite, Astrud Gilberto, in a totally different style.

3. Virginia Rodrigues,

And speaking of the legend, here is Astrud Gilberto singing her signature bossa nova song

4. Astrud Gilberto,

Hamilton de Holanda is one of those instrumentalist that takes your breath away.  Watch him in action.

5. Hamilton de Holanda,

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