Friday, October 19, 2012

Music Video Round-Up for 3rd Wk of Oct Espana!

Let's head to Spain and meet the divas of Espana.  If you are of Spanish origins, you will feel proud listening to these lovely voices.  And if you're not, welcome to la musica de Espana.

From classical to flamenco, from Catalan to Galicia and Andalusia, I give you the divas of Spain.  I hope you will explore Spanish music further.

1. Maria del Mar Bonet from the Catalan Region.  Here's a live performance.

2. Montserrat Figueras (Catalan opera/early music vocalist & wife of Jordi Savall)

3. Estrella Morente, flamenco!  Ole!

4. Uxia from Galicia (northwest Spain)  What a cool video!

5. Marina Rossell of Catalan (hope you like birds)

Gracies las mujeras por musica de Espana.

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