Thursday, September 13, 2012

Video Round-Up--Raise your music consciousness

Music Video Round-up for Second Week of September 2012
Watching music, healing modality, and cultural videos on YouTube is part of my research for my book Whole Music.  I try to give you a wide variety of videos because I realize we come from different backgrounds and make up the rainbow of humanity.  So for this week, we have Indians from India and the American Southwest, as well as, musicians from the African Diaspora, and Benedictine monks.  How's that for variety?

1. Art Talk with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Salil Bhatt (India)

2. Habib Koite & Bamada (Mali)

3. Lura (Portugal/Cape Verde Diaspora)

4. Benedictine Monks of Santa Domingo Silos (Gregorian chant)

5. Traditional Prayer in Navajo/Diné language with Native American flute

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