Friday, September 28, 2012

Music Video Round-Up for last week of Sep 2012

Let's look at 5 movies in which music played a character or a large part in the shaping of our gaze at the characters.  In Francois Girard's The Red Violin, the violin and its theme act as threads that hold the movie together.  In the Swedish movie Elvira Madigan Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 21 leaves viewers with a forboding feeling, even with its uplifting notes.

Who can think of Federico Fellini's movies without remembering the soundtracks composed by Nino Rota? When I see photographs of the famous actors that appeared in these movies, Rota's musical themes run through my brain.  Here we look at the tragic circus music from La Strada.  Just thinking of the theme music played on a lone trumpet brings tears to my eyes.

Anyone who has watched David Lean's Doctor Zhivago has Laura's Theme running through their consciousness.  And a lesser known French movie, Heart in Winter features the music of French Impressionist composer Maurice Ravel.

1. The Red Violin

2. Elvira Madigan

3. Heart in Winter

4. Fellini’s La Strada

5. Doctor Zhivago

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