Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FYI: Whole Music (the book-in-progess)

In 2005, I wrote the first proposal for a book on raising music consciousness. The title I came up with was "Whole Music (Soul Food for the Body, Mind, Spirit)" and my plan at that time was to draw a comparison between whole foods and wholesome music.

In 2007, I launched this blog thinking that would suffice as far as, reporting the latest sound and music research and letting you know about the latest acoustic recordings.  However, the book proposal stayed with me though its vision has expanded given all we have seen in the realm of sound healing and traditional music in the past decade alone.

I signed a publishing contract with a startup publishing company, Synclectic out of Washington State.  During the next year I will compile research and interviews from this blog, conduct new interviews, research through books, field recordings, and attending various healing music events and concerts.  I look forward to exploring music in depth with you, reporting some of my findings on this blog, and connecting with those of you also raising music awareness.

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